Flotek specializes in submersible pumps and motors for any application and also stocks a full selection of cable, gas separators and shrouds.

Flotek stocks an extensive amount of these products and has great relationships with their manufacturers.  So if you don't see something you are looking for, feel free to give us a call and we will do everything we can to help you find what you are looking for.

We are currently distributors for the following brands:

Submersible Pumps
Flotek Ni-Resist
Flotek utilizes the very best in durable ni-resist cast steel stages with heavy duty tungsten carbide bushings and a stainless steel shaft. This pump is also re-build able.

Flotek carries a full line of these well-respected and reliable pumps.

"Hybrid" Oil Field Motors
Flotek takes the best from the Oil Field and applies it to the C.B.M. industry with the ultimate in druability and longevity.

Franklin and Hitatchi Motors
4" and 6" styles fo ra wide range of uses.

Other Products:

Flotek Gas Separator
A revolutionary breakthrough, our separator does not just break up gas and send it up your tubing but actually separates the gas and puts it back in your sales line where it belongs. The Flotek gas separator is the only separator that uses a pressure change to release the gas from the water.

Flotek carries a variety of shrouds for motor cooling, gas breakout and solid screening

Submersible wire
Flotek has a large selections of down hole pump cable including Condumex Armored cable as well as Aqua, Allwire, Milspec, and Tamaqua (Draka) and Centriline flat pump cable.